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Life Members

The Kingsway Committee have the power to confer on a person (not being a registered athlete) for meritorious service, the honour of Life Membership of the Kingsway Little Athletics Centre. The below members have been awarded such honour after giving exemplary service to the Centre over a minimum of ten years.

Sheila Ball
Allan Savage
John Scott
Neil Robinson
John Purcell
Geoff Mayvis
Charlie Wood
Ron Sheehan
Rex Ashman
Eric West
Peter Clough
Bruce Reidy-Crofts
Leanne Roberts
Daryl Skane

Jonathan Andrews

Brian Ball
Dennis Knight
David Gardiner
John Clover
Maryann Darby
Trevor Louden
Sue Wood

Barbara Howard
Tracey Ashman
Helen Hahn
Julia Carson
Mark Trewin
Craig Baker
Debbie Lees

Des Lees

Clive Murtha
Jenny McGregor
Pauline Hardy
Sheryl Purcell
Lee Zwickl
Ron Hill
Wayne Treloar
George Walker
Julie Cuthsworth
Ian Bell
Brett Carson
Samantha Trewin
Glynn Dobson
Paul Bennett

Life Members: List


Craig Baker 
Jenny Bennet


Carol Hale
Michael Howard
Simone Pocsidio


Paul Arvidson
Claudia Klaassen


Darren Angwin


Danni Dix

Bec Miller

Shane Miller

Life Members: List
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