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Event Summary

There are a number of Events held throughout the season both at Kingsway and at a State level.
The below information helps provide a summary of those events.

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Kingsway Events

Opening Ceremony

28 OCT 2023

The Opening ceremony represents the official commencement of the season. A traditional part of the opening ceremony starts with a "Parade of Clubs", during
which most participating athletes march into the stadium, club by club. Each club's delegation is led by their Club Captains holding a sign identifying the Club and their flag. After all Clubs have entered, a number of speeches and awards are presented including the 'best club on parade'.
The Opening ceremony is attended by Life Members, local politicians and many other special guests. Following the ceremony, a modified program takes place.

Twilight Competitions

13 DEC 2023
19 JAN 2024

Each season, Kingsway LAC aims to hold at least two Twilight Competitions. These Competitions differ from normal Saturday Competitions as athletes only compete in four events - one jump, one throw, one long track and one short track event.
Twilight Competitions are an important addition to our calendar as it introduces athletes to 'Multi' competitions. In Multi competitions, athletes compete in a number of events and earn points based on their performance. The points from all events are added together to determine a Champion for each age group. This system is used at major athletic competitions in heptathlon and decathlon events.

Parent Relay

13 DEC 2023

Each season we hold an annual parent relay race with each Club entering a team of 4 men and 4 women. It's always a tough competition with athletes from all ages on the side-lines cheering the parents on. A shield is presented to the winning Club at our end of season Trophy presentation.

TIM Program

6 JAN 2024

'TIM' is a new addition to the season calendar for 2023/24 and stands for 'True Inclusion Method'. This method of calculation is based on athletes relative improvement in their Seasonal Personal Best (PB). It doesn't replace the current results system, it is in addition to it and will help recognise those athletes who have improved the most. 

Centre Championships

2 MAR 2024
3 MAR 2024

Centre Championships are a chance for athletes in all age groups to compete in their favourite events, be awarded with ribbons for each personal best (PB) achieved and win medals if competing in a final. The event is the last competition held at the Centre each year and is akin to the Grand Final.

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Athletics West Events

Strive Competitions

Multiple dates

The Strive Program offers weekly athletics competitions for Athletics West members throughout October – March, predominantly on Friday evenings at the WA Athletics Stadium (Mt Claremont).


Registration for Strive Membership is open for athletes 12 years of age and over (as at the 31 December 2023) and athletes can choose to register through Athletics West directly as an independent or through an affiliate club.

Members in the 12-17 age bracket can compete at both Little Athletics Centres (such as Kingsway) and Strive competitions.

WA All Schools Championships

3 - 5 NOV 2023

The WA All Schools Championships is the premier event for school athletics competition in the State. Secondary school-aged participants can compete against their peers from all schools. Speak with your school to get involved.

State Relay Championships

16 DEC 2023

The WA State Relay Championships are open to athletes in the U9 to U17 age groups. Kingsway LAC selects the athletes who will represent the Centre based on results from the first few weeks of Kingsway competition.


Kingsway LAC covers the full nomination costs, however athletes are able to select whether they wish to be selected for Track or Field Teams.

Please read our Relay selection Policy for more information on who is eligible to take part and how teams are selected. 

More information is available on the Athletics West website.

WA Combined Events Championship (Multi's)

18 - 19 NOV 2023

This event is a combined event competition meaning athletes must compete in all events within the pentathlon/heptathlon. This event is open to all registered athletes in the Under 11 age group or older. 

Similar to Kingsway Twilight Competitions, points are allocated to each athlete for each event based on their performance. U11 to U13's compete in five (5) events while U14 to U17 compete in seven (7) events.

Medals are presented to the first three athletes with the highest point tallies.

The WA Combined Events Championships is also an opportunity for athletes to qualify for two national events (dependent on their membership type) - Australian Combined Events Championships Qualification (Athletics Australia event) and Australian Little Athletics Championships Qualification (Little Athletics Australia event).

More information can be found on the Athletics West website.

WA Little Athletics Zones Championships

12 - 13 FEB 2022

The Zones Championships is hosted across two centres - one for the North Zone and one for the South Zone. The event is open to Under 7 to Under 15's.

The Zones Championships acts as the qualifying event for Little Athletics members in the Under 9 – Under 15 age groups for the 2022 WA Little Athletics State Championships.

The Zones Championships will also offer competition opportunity for Under 7's and 8's, however these age groups do not progress to the Little Athletics State Championships.

Under 16-Under 17 athletes can enter the Little Athletics State Championships directly and do not participate in Zones.

The event we participate in is conducted by the North Metro Zone Centres, consisting of Kingsway,
Bayswater, Eastern Hills, Hamersley, Inglewood, Joondalup, Ridgewood, Swan Valley and UWA. The venue for the 2022 season's Zones Championship has been decided as Kingsway LAC. We look forward to hosting our fellow North Centres. 

More information can be found on the Athletics West website at

WA State Track and Field Championships

22 - 25 FEB 2024

The State Track and Field Championships is the event where the States best (senior) athletes compete for medals. Nomination is open to all athletes in the Under 13 and above age groups.

WA Little Athletics State Championships

8 - 10 MAR 2024

Athletes in the U9 to U13 age groups who qualified either through reaching the entry standard or via Zones Championships and accepted their place, go on to compete against qualifiers from the South Metro Zone and Country Centres.

The Championships are held at the WA Athletics Stadium over three days. Athletics West finalise the timetable once all entries have been confirmed.


Medals are presented to the first three places in each age group for finals.

Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC's)

26 -28 APR 2024

The ALAC (Australian Little Athletics Championships) is a two-day event held every year and encompasses the Australian Teams Championships for Under 13 athletes and the Australian Combined Event Championships for Under 15 athletes in both able bodied and multi-class categories.

All athletes are selected by their State Association (Athletics West). Individual entries are not permitted. Teams are selected based on performance at State Events such as Combined Events Championship and State Championships.

The 2024 ALAC's will be held in Adelaide, South Australia. 

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